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Josh Gunderson, Educational Speaker, Internet Safety
"Gunderson is a one-man show of angst and and a
lot of knowledge on the fascination as well as the
pitfalls of social networking"
The Lynn Daily Item, April 15, 2010
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The following is a list of dates and opportunities to assist you in building year-round
prevention activities. While Josh doesn't offer programs covering some of these topics, he'd
be more than happy to put you in touch with those who do! Just
contact us for more
American Heart Month
Black History Month
Chocolate Lover's Month
Library Lover's Month
Youth Leadership Month
7th Wear Red Day
10th-16th Random Acts of Kindness Week

American Red Cross Month
Honor Society Awareness Month
National Caffeine Awareness Month
4th National Grammar Day
16th-22nd Health Information Professionals Week

Alcohol Awareness Month
Celebrate Diversity Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Stress Awareness Month
National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
National Sexual Assault Awareness Month
1st National Fun At Work Day
3rd National Walking Day
7th-11th National Public Health Week
11th Day Of Silence
22nd Earth Day
23rd Administrative Professionals Day

Family Wellness Month
National Mental Health Month
National Smile Month
Woman's Healthcare Month
4th-10th National Family Week
7th National Teacher Appreciation Day
11th Mother's Day
26th Memorial Day

National Candy Month
College Commencements
National GLBT Awareness Month
National Safety Month
9th-15th Men's Health Week
26th National Handshake Day
Family Reunion Month
National Hat Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Make A Difference to Children Month
Social Wellness Month
4th Fourth of July

Beach Month
College Orientation
4th National Kids Day
6th National Night Out

Back to School Month
Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month
National Campus Safety Month
Happy Cat Month
National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
2nd Labor Day
8th-16th Suicide Prevention Week
19th Talk Like a Pirate Day

AIDS Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Bullying Prevention Month
Cyber Security Awareness Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
National Crime Prevention Month
Diversity Awareness Month
LGBT History Month
Self-Promotion Month
4th National Diversity Day
7th Blue Shirt/World Day of Bullying Prevention
20th-26th National Character Counts Week
20th-26th Red Ribbon Week

AIDS Awareness Month
National Novel Writing Month
1st National Family Literacy Day
11th Veteran's Day
15th America Recycle Day

Identity Theft Prevention Month
National Drunk and Drugged Driving
Prevention Month
Wellness Programs
1st AIDS Awareness Day
10th Human Rights Day