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Since 2009 Josh Gunderson has become an educational force to be reckoned with. His award-winning
programs have been presented at hundreds of schools across the United States and Canada, educating
over 1
Million students
, parents and educators along the way. Josh highlights the pros and cons of the social
world, helping students better understand the real-world consequences. Using examples ripped from
today's headlines, Josh tackles topics surrounding
internet safety, bullying, sexting, digital citizenship
and much more!

Don't see something that fits your needs? Contact Josh directly at and he will
work with you to create an unforgettable experience!
I provide young people with not only
reactive strategies for tackling
cyberbullying once it occurs, but also
proactive strategies so they can keep
themselves and their accounts safe. It’s
all about teaching students empathy to
prevent perpetration, as well as tactics to
prevent victimisation.
My programs are custom-made to best
suit your school's needs or desired
outcomes. No two programs are the same
as I am constantly working to evolve the
experience for all. Let me know what you
need and I will work with you to provide
your community the best educational
experience possible!
Who says learning has to be boring? We
retain more information when we are
entertained and I approach each and
every audience with that in mind. Each
story and anecdote comes with an
important lesson behind it fueling my
personal motto: Live. Laugh. Learn.
This high-energy and interactive program teaches younger students easy to
remember online safety rules as well as age-appropriate explanations of online and
personal safety risks. The students get involved in the action, helping Josh figure out
the four rules on of Digital Citizenship while playing "What Rules Is It Anyway?"
Students will learn what it means to be an upstanding Digital Citizen and what it
means to leave behind a digital footprint. Afterwards, volunteers are brought to the
stage to play "The Ultimate Online Quiz" to test their new-found knowledge of what
it means to be a proper digital citizen!
Target Audience: Elementary Level (Grades 1-6)
Topics Covers: Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, Cyberbullying
Run Time: 30-45 minutes
Josh's Award-Winning "Your Digital Life" offers a look at the pros and cons of social
networking. Students are asked to look beyond the screen into the real world to learn
What should you do if you are being bullied? What if you see someone else being
bullied? What happens to your posts and who is watching? "Your Digital Life" shows
students true-life stories emerging from the digital world and guides them to form
healthy habits and relationships both online and off.

This program is custom tailored to each audience and always age-appropriate. Let
me work with you to create the best program possible for your community!
Target Audience: Middle School Students, High School Students
Topics Covers: Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Sexting, Digital
Footprint, Social Networking, Privacy
Run Time: 45-60 Minutes
What should parents know about Facebook? Instagram? Omegle? SnapChat? In
today's digital world, keeping children safe is one of the biggest issues on the minds of
parents. Using his own unique brand of humor, Josh takes parents on a journey from
the beginning of the Internet to the take over of social networking- breaking down
popular apps and social networks to give parents a better understanding of the digital
world their kids are living in and how to keep them safe.

Parents will leave with a better sense of how their kids are utilizing popular sites and
the tools they need to have conversations about creating the best digital identity.
Target Audience: Parents (All Ages), Educators, Community
Topics Covers: Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Sexting, Digital
Footprint, Social Networking, Privacy
Run Time: 60-90 Minutes
What do you do when you see someone being hurt? Do you stand up? Do you back
down? This program offers audiences a first-hand look at how social networks, cells
phones and other social media are being used attack and bully others with a strong
focus on what parents, families and  students can do to decrease the harm it causes.
Each presentation is fully customized to the audience and includes information about
current anti-bullying laws in place within the state.

This program contains real-life case studies and is recommended for
Mature Audiences only.
Topics Covers: Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Sexting,
Bullying, Hazing (upon request)
Run Time: 60-90 Minutes