Q. Is Josh represented by any organizations or speaking bureaus?
A. NO! Josh has been operating as a sole entity since January of 2009. When you e-mail, 9 times
out of 10 a response will come directly from Josh. The other time will be a trained member of
Josh's team who will work hard to help you bring Josh to your school!

Q. Did Josh work with another organization?
A. Yes, from May 2012-October 2012 Josh worked with a third party organization. This partnership
has since been terminated. If you did try to book a program during this time period and were
unsuccessful, please give Josh a
call or e-mail and let him work with you. Any price you were
quoted is NOT Josh's price. Contact Josh for more information!

Q. I've looked everywhere and can't find a cost, how much is Josh's Program?
The best way to find out about cost and fees is to call or e-mail. We don't publish fees on the site
because we want to hear from you and work together to fund your program!

Q. Most speakers are charging thousands of dollars for a program! Why is Josh so
A. Most organizations will tell you that you are paying for a quality presenter that deserves the
money being charged. What they don't tell you about is the commission they are taking for
themselves. Since Josh works on his own (with a team of amazing interns) there are no hidden
fees. Most presenters live by a simple code: "Want to work more? Charge less. Want to work less?
Charge more!" Josh firmly believes in his message and wants to deliver it to as many students,
educators and communities as possible. With Josh you are receiving a quality program at an honest
and fair price!

Q. How far will Josh travel for a presentation?
A. Josh will travel to anywhere in the world to present. He'll even arrange all of his own travel and
hotel accommodations to the best of his abilities (sometimes he'll ask for advice on the best places
to stay if he can't find anything) so there is no hassle for you!

Q. Does Josh need a lot of space?
A. No! Josh has performed in cafeterias, gymnasiums and even the new multi-use rooms. He will
adapt to your needs. Josh guarantees he'll be the easiest assembly presenter you bring to your

Q. How much time does Josh need to set up for his presentation?
A. Josh understands that schools are faced with tight schedules, therefore he has designed his
programs to set up in less than 30 minutes. He can also break down his equipment and be out of
your way in the same amount of time. Josh's goal is to give you an easy, stress free experience!

Q. What does Josh need from us?
A. Not much! Josh provides his own laptop. All he needs from the school is a microphone, projector
and screen. You can check out the
Event Preparation page for more information!

Q. Does Josh need an elevated stage?
A. No. Josh has done presentations for groups as large as 1000 students on the gym floor. As long
as Josh knows in advance he will plan accordingly to make sure you have an unforgettable

Q. Is the presentation Josh uses the same for every show?
A. Absolutely not! The Internet is an every-growing beast and with each day comes new issues and
statistics. Josh takes the time before each presentation to make sure he has the most up-to-date
information possible. Many schools bring Josh back for just this reason!

Q. Does Josh have any promotional material available for me to share?
A. Absolutely! Josh understands that many times it is one person's responsibility to gather
information and then pass it on to a committee or school official. Everything you need is available
for download or printing right from this web site!

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